Welcome to our website. Are you want to get an unlimited amount of coins and donuts and be the best without spending a single penny? Hero zero is a fantastic game with thousand of players around the world, but if you want to be top 1 player, you must have a lot of resources. That’s why we created our hero zero hack. Not many people know about our website, and this is your advantage. Generate a lot of resources and defeat your opponent easily!




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What is Hero Zero?

It is comic browser game where you are building your character as the name implies from zero to hero. You starting as newbie hero with a cloth as a cape. Your only goal is to save cats or help older people pass through the road. Doing missions you become stronger, and you gain levels. There are time missions and missions where you fight against NPCs. You have 100 energy per day so use it carefully(of course you can recharge it). When you get the experience, you can be a real superhero and take care of things that heroes do the best – save the world. The whole process without using large amounts of resources can be long and tiring. With the help of our tool, that process will be faster, and you can become a real superhero in short time – without playing months. The worst thing about Hero Zero is that donuts can be acquired mainly by real money. Not everyone wants to spend money, right? So you can use our hero zero cheats and generate resources for free. What can you do with them?


As I mentioned earlier, the main way to obtain donuts is unfortunately real money. So donuts are ‘premium‘ resource. Without using real money, donuts can be acquired from missions, duels, and heroic deeds. But these are small amounts. Donuts can be spent on boosts: skill boost, mission boost, work boost; on your team, energy refills, completing missions, duel list attacking, faster attack on special missions. With the help of donuts, you can also make training easier. As you see there is a lot of options how you can spend your donuts.


Coins are an in-game basic resource which can be obtained much easier than donuts. That doesn’t mean that coins are not important. We can gain coins for example: in missions, selling items, fighting against other players, receiving a daily reward, etc. Coins can be spent on improving your hero, buying items or you can donate them to your team. With our generator, you don’t have to farm coins for million hours.

How does our cheat work?

We developed our generator for people who don’t want to spend their money on resources – simply, we are giving an equal chance to players who don’t spend money. After using this tool, they can fight against players who spend a lot of money. We have spent months to make our tool to use as easy as possible. Thanks for that you don’t have to download anything(is it hero zero mod apk – no), you can use it on every device, wherever and whenever you want, with no root or jailbreak. Also, you don’t need to connect your device to your computer if you are playing on a smartphone. You can use hero zero generator from any computer and mobile device. Our tool works very fast and can it can add resources to hundreds of people at the same time thanks to our anti-robot system. Getting resources was never simpler.

How to use this generator?

As I said earlier, it is very easy. Just click button below. You will be redirected to our generator. Choose your username, how many coins and donuts you want to be added to your account. Now, our server will be informed about your username and amount of resources you want to be added. Then you must do our anti-robot system verification. That’s all. Now you can enjoy!

The benefits of using our tool

Free Donuts: Don’t waste your money and get donuts, the most important resource in the game for free. You can do it as many times as you like.

★ Free Coins: Although coins are not as important as donuts, they are also needed in building your hero. You can generate it too with one click.

★ No Download Required: When you see a word ‘hack’ you have probably in mind that you have to download something with viruses and malicious code. Not here! Our website doesn’t require anything to download. Is this hero zero hack apk – no! You don’t have to download cheat engine, too. It is 100% clean, online, web-based tool.

★ You can use it everywhere, on every device: Are you in school or work right now? Do not have a laptop with you? No problem. You can use this generator wherever and whenever you want – on your mobile(iOS, Android, etc.), tablet or your computer, laptop!

★ Regularly updated: Every time hero zero team updates their game we doing the same with our hack. We are always up to date.

★ Fast in use: You only need a few minutes to use our tool. Click on the button below and follow the instructions mentioned earlier.



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